Friend + Lover + Artist + Designer + Illustrator + Creator + Awesome Fish Taco Maker = Trish

A pen in my pocket, a dirty Chai in one hand and a sketch book in the other. If I see something that inspires me I snap a photo or make a quick sketch of it. Those who know me are aware I'm constantly drawing monsters or offering you food. Love to cook, so expect breakfast tacos every once and a while. As for my infatuation with monsters, well I supposed I watched way to much "aaahh!!! real monsters", "The Other Limits" or "Tales from the Crypt". I've been asked multiple times why monsters? Simple answer is "why not?" They make me happy and sometimes I'll giggle to myself cause they come to life in my head.

By day you can find me designing for DigitasLBi and by night I'm either riding my bike, walking an alley, painting, always cooking or sitting on my stoop drawing. Yes, you guessed it probably a monster of some sort.

Message for illustration, design, lettering inquiries or to meet up for a drink and draw.

Let's connect and collaborate! ✉
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Notable clients include: Whole Foods Market, Taco Bell, Sprint, Miller, KitchenAid, Motorola, Wendy's International, Inc., PetSmart and Chicago Park District.